A Life of Building and Growing

Don’t we all wish we had people cheering us on to do what we are supposed to do? That is what I love about this photo. What are a bride and groom supposed to do on their wedding day? And they invite a group of people to cheer them on as they take that little step. I wish I had this encouragement everyday, but I don’t think I do, or do I?

Reading further in Ephesians 4:14-16, I find more about building each other up and growing in love which is also growing in Christ because Christ showed his love for us. Christ is our head, we are the body. Christ holds us together in love and unites us believers. I wish I knew more about the medical terms like ligaments, but I do know that they hurt bad when they are torn. Its like when I tear my relationship with Jesus, step out from under my “Head” and try to do things my own way, separating myself from Jesus.

I like that Christ holds the church together, I like that He holds me together. I hate the feeling of being tossed and blown, I like being held together and built up. When I was consistently jogging in Reno, on a windy day, when I finished jogging, I felt like I had been beat up. Or when I am so busy I feel separated. I don’t like those feelings and it is awful to think that I was deceived to do those things that end up making me feel that way. I like feeling held together and built up. We have to realize Jesus does that for us so we can do that for each other and live as a united body under the headship of our Savior.

So, allow Jesus to hold you together today and build you up, so you can encourage others to do the same.

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