Session Prep


Please have babies and children (maybe even husbands) snack and nap before the photography session.  Feel free to bring their favorite toy or blanket, it might come in handy.  Don’t worry or stress if they act their age and not how you want them to.  The best pictures taken are those that are most natural.


During a family session, the idea is to have a uniform look for a unified picture.  Not everyone has to wear the same clothes or color, but they should all coordinate.  Remember that the idea of the photograph is to allow your face to be the center of attention, not your clothing.


Certain colors schemes need to be photographed under certain conditions or in certain locations.

  • Colors recommended by Christy are blues, greens, tans and browns.
  • Earth tone colors are great for outdoor locations in the fall.
  • Bright colors look great with colorful backgrounds.  But bright colors can also take attention away from your beautiful face which should be the center of attention.
  • White can distract from your face.  Avoid white socks and white shoes.
  • Mix colors that blend naturally together


  • Casual outfits are best for outdoor photos.  They will also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.  Jeans are definitely acceptable.
  • Trendy clothing will date your photo.  It might be better to go with a classic, timeless look.
  • Sleeveless tops are not recommended.
  • PLEASE NO PATTERNS OR PRINTS, they will distract from your face.


  • If you plan on getting a new hair cut or style, please do it several days in advance so that you are comfortable with it.
  • If you wear glasses, please remove the lenses for the photo shoot, or make sure they are non-reflective lenses.
  • Girls  Make up should look natural and fresh
  • Guys  Shave or trim your facial hair
  • Wear a minimal amount of jewelry, to minimize glare and to avoid distractions.

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