An architect photographing architecture, a mother photographing children and families, a hiker photographing beautiful landscapes, and a gardener painting flowers.

I began my art career in a high school art class, painting a watercolor.  That painting still hangs in my house.  After obtaining my Bachelor of Architecture at Cal Poly SLO, I began to look at my  landscape photos and think, “If the photograph is this good, why should I paint it?”  After becoming a licensed architect in Nevada, I had children whom I photographed and realized that people will want photos like this of their kids, so I opened Creation Studio in 2005.

I love photographing children, they are so precious.  I love to just follow them around and capture them where they are at for the moment they are with me.  I also enjoy photographing families.  One family chose a proof I would not have, but the mom stated, “That is such the personality of my family, I love it.”  As an architect, I love to capture a building’s personality, even the more challenging ones. I once had an architect say, “I never knew my buildings looked so good.”

Life is full of precious fleeting moments, and I love to capture them with a camera.

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