Senior Sessions

Simple Session – 1 hour session in 1 location* = $100 (As many clothing changes** as you can do in 1 hour)

Super Senior Session – 2 hour session in 2 locations* with 2 jpg files = $200 (Locations shouldn’t be too far away from each other)

* Locations in the Reno/Sparks area. Christy’s favorite free locations are: Christy’s yard, Rock Park, Caughlin Ranch Greenbelt, Callahan Park. Some locations require an additional $25 fee: Rancho San Rafael, Bartley Ranch, Galena Creek Park, Lazy 5 Park. Call Christy to discuss the locations you desire.

** Clothing options: Something nice for “Mom” photos, something casual you feel comfortable in, something that represents you (Letterman jacket, uniform, ball, skateboard, book), Cap & Gown (Christy has black and red and may borrow DaMonte Ranch, otherwise, you need to bring it)

Call Christy today about your Senior’s session (775) 225-4515.