Testing your Faith

This was my favorite verse this week. I hate the idea of perseverance (I didn’t even want to know how to spell it), but I want to become mature, complete and full. According to these verses which I took a little liberty in translating, my faith must be tested before I become full. This helps explain my summer journey of learning How to Fill up on Living Water (You can read all the previous posts because that was when I recently started blogging). So, I must persevere and continue to choose to fill up on Jesus because my faith is always being tested.

And what makes me think of trials and perseverance more than Death Valley sand dunes. It is a terribly exhilarating and exhausting place to be. On this adventure with my family, the girls were the only ones who brought water. My husband didn’t need any, but my son did, so whose did he drink? Of course he drank mom’s water. Well, we all survived and made it back to the air conditioned car and have fun memories of the experience.

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