Living Full

Day 1 of new Blog. I want to live full but what does that mean? Last week I wrote thru a guided study that I feel scattered, that is not living full. This life I have is busy and right now too busy, that is not living full either. I just finished my study on Ephesians and there was a section on living full, so I went back to it and it took me to Ephesians 3:16-19, but that starts with, “For this reason,…” which doesn’t tell me much so I went back to 3:7 where Paul talks about God’s power breaking through Self so we can see our need for Jesus and accept his grace, then go and do the work He has for us which allows us to live a full life. And a full life is God giving me strength to submit and surrender to His will and resisting the desire to live my own will. So, I can’t live full on my own, I need God’s power to live full because living full is living for God, not myself.

Since this is my photography blog site, I decided to include my new cover photo for my study titled, “Below the Surface”. You can see “below the surface” of Lake Tahoe.

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