Art Days Paint and Sip Info

Paint and Sip is all the rage now, so I am including this option during Art Days at Creation Studio. Arts Days this year will be the last 3 Fridays and Saturdays in July from 9-12 and offers: 1) Free Tahoe and Flowers Gallery viewing, 2) Free meditations in the Art Garden, 3) $5 to Be your own artist with colored pencil on a 5×7 card or paint your own rock. RSVP is preferred.

Christy’s version of Paint and Sip will be during Art Days (Saturdays 9-11) with reservation and payment required. ($40 cash or check, $45 credit card (pay by credit card at and order a jpg download of the above photo)). Christy has been teaching watercolor classes off and on for 9 years and this piece has been a favorite for many students. It can easily be painted in acrylics on a canvas which can be hung on your walls. (A watercolor needs to be matted and framed to be properly hung on your walls.) In all reality, Christy does not advise sipping anything while you paint watercolors because it will be very easy to accidentally sip your paint water which is toxic. But, I will have tea available for sipping from a tea cup, (maybe the accident won’t happen if it is in a different kind of cup).

I have had larger classes, but during Art Days, I will limit the class size to 5 artists, so, I recommend you register today by calling or texting Christy at (775) 225-4515. I look forward to hearing from you.

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