Prom 2023

Senior High School Prom – I was invited to the backyard dinner party to photograph and how much fun that was!

It was my 4th photo session of the week, yes I went from nothing to busy in 1 week! The first session was for a business resume and advertising photo. The second was high school softball team photos. The third was scouting for a large family session in 2 weeks. These are the fun photos I decided to share.

Remember the days… We all think teenagers are so different than when we were, but not really. Yes, they all have their own phones to take pictures with, so, no, they don’t offer photos at the dance anymore, but they are still teenagers wanting to dress up and have a fun evening with their friends and their cars. Remember when your friends and your cars were all you thought about? Also, I had the girls all show me some leg with their dresses, so the boys had to show me some leg as well. Fun with friends, we all want it and I am reminded that sometimes friends are hard to find, so these moments must be captured and cherished.

Call me to help you capture your cherished moments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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