The Vanderford Family

February 4th, 2019 , Posted in Uncategorized

This was an exciting photo session with the Vanderford family.  They wanted the works:  dress up, clothing change and dogs all in the snow and before Christmas!  We had to wait for the snow, but it came, thank the Lord. 

The heels in the snow were a surprise to me, but we made it work and it is one of my favorite photos. 

The dogs were also a surprise to me, but that is the photo they chose for their Christmas cards. 

Lastly, the sleds were a surprise to me, but those were some fun photos. 

The clothing change allowed me to get the photo I saw as I was scouting the site and it was the Vanderford favorite to be forever remembered on their wall.  I am looking forward to their final order.

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